Hey there, welcome.  Can you see me through your sleepy fog?  Good.  Then you landed in the right place.  I am a momma of two beautiful babes; one sassy as can be little lady and a stinker of a little man.  Life as a mom can be messy and chaotic at times, and you often feel as if you are moving through the motions in a fog.  A few years back I was encouraged to start a blog documenting all of the hilarious things I encountered as a mother, and well here we are today.

I am a coffee addict, aspiring writer and part time work from home momma, hoping to brighten your day with some funny moments about my littles.  At times other times, I hope to inspire others with some more serious posts about every day life.  Welcome to my chaos, enjoy! Jana-52



P.S. There is a good chance you will stumble across some typos.  You can blame our son. He doesn’t sleep so neither do I.

Contact: LaurenFeichter@yahoo.com


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Lauren,
    You are hilarious, and that little Ella? Adorable. Thank you for doing this, it makes me feel that my kids aren’t the only heathens in this world.

    P.S. You and Makenna share something in common, she also slipped on her backside from pee from one of the boys!

    Keep it up!! 🙂


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