Babies, Brothers, & Honeys, oh my!

Happy Feichter Baby Friday! What a crazy, busy week this has been for our family. My sister had her first baby, so I am officially an auntie and the kids have their first cousin. Sass is completely smitten with her little cousin, our little Har-bear, not so much. When I dropped her off at school on Monday she ran in and told her teacher that her “sister- cousin was being borned.” We have explained a million times that she is just her cousin, but now her teacher probably thinks we have some weird sister wife at home birthing in a bath tub. (Note: totally cool with at home bath birthing – we just don’t have a sister wife at home who did that)

ella and ceci
Ella and Cecilia

Sass vaguely remembers when I was pregnant with her brother. I think she blocked most of that time out as she still wishes her brother was a sister. She loves her brother, but he really cramps her style. It appears she irritates him just the same as well.
Lack of personal space

She recently started asking questions about babies, “how they get in there? “how they get out?”….you know all the important, cringe worthy questions. I told her that mommy and daddy prayed for a baby and so God put her in my tummy and the same thing with Harrison. She seemed to accept that explanation for now, until she hears some horrid story on the bus next year. My explanation for how babies get out consisted of, “there is a special place for babies to get out, they know how to do it.” She must have remembered thinking that her brother came out of a zipper 18 months ago, because she screamed “oh right, that zipper.”

My loves

We try to not be too specific when we discuss these thing with her, the same thing with how babies come into families. I don’t want her (or the bear) to think there is one concrete description of a family. She knows that there are all kinds of people and everyone is different and that is what makes people beautiful. In turn, she knows that some families have a mommy and a daddy, two mommies, two daddies, one mommy, or just one daddy. She refers to her dad as “mommy’s honey.”

We recently celebrated our seven year anniversary and when we explained that her grandparents were coming to babysit. She wanted to know what a “‘sversary” was so I explained mommy and daddy got married seven years ago. So that prompted a big discussion on our family and who their “honey” was. After going through our entire family tree and their honeys, she sat very quietly for about a minute. (a minute of quiet is a big deal for sass) Then she asked who her honey would be and how she would meet her honey. After a little bit more discussion she sighed and said “Ugh, I just hope my honey has hair.”

I am good with a no hair honey


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