Locking The Doors On My Husband

I am locking the doors on my husband this anniversary.

Seven years ago this morning he locked himself out of our home. On the morning of our wedding of all days and had to shimmy open the sliding door cat burglar style. I didn’t find out until I arrived at the end of aisle and took a knee on the alter with him. Between prayers and blessings he told me in hushed tones, then told me how beautiful I was. Today I am locking the doors on my husband.

Seven years ago, before Pinterest boards were trending, and fancy, creative announcements were a thing on social media, I loved a man. A quiet, stoic, hard working man. We spent the night before and morning of our wedding separate. We didn’t text or call each other and didn’t think to write each other love notes to read while getting ready. I had purchased him a card and an engraved money clip to match his groomsmen gifts, but sadly I forgot to leave it out for him. Somehow he managed to find it the morning of our wedding, jammed under the bathroom sink, hidden away. That’s what he does, he saves the day, no matter the task.
It was a much simpler time then. No pressure, just us. Today I am locking the doors on him.

Since we said “I do” seven years ago, we have been through trials and tribulations. Marriage isn’t easy and you have to work at it every day. Yet in my eyes being married to him is easy. He is perfect, for me. He is my opposite. He compliments my personality perfectly and leaves me wanting more of him every single day. Yet today I am locking the doors on him.

We have added two beautiful babies to our family; a girl and a boy. He has given me the greatest gifts and I am forever thankful for this. There is nothing I could give him that is comparable to what he has given me. He has made all of my dreams come true and is always trying to bring more of my dreams to life. I have watched him grow as a father and a man. I have watched him stumble, brush himself off and get back up again, only to try harder.

Today I am locking the doors on my husband. Not because I am fed up with our marriage. Not because I am angry with him, but I am locking him out of the house to remind him that I love him just as much if not more than the day we married. Through sickness, health, good times, and bad. I love you more than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow. Happy Anniversary, I am so glad you are my honey.


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