I am now THAT mom

We have had a busy couple weeks in the Sugar, Spice and Sass household. We have a lot of exciting things on the horizon for our little family of four. About a year ago we sat down and decided that we wanted to start looking for some acreage so our babies could have lots of land to grow up on and run around. My husband grew up on about 10 acres so he is used to having wide open spaces. Around Christmas time of last year we looked at some property about 3 miles from our current neighborhood and we really fell in love with it. Fast forward to February and we decided to move forward with everything and sign a purchase agreement. Well as of this month, our little five and half acres of land are finally ours. It was a long process, but so worth it. Our hopes are to create a little, mini farm for our family and we couldn’t be more excited. Okay, enough farm talk.


Back to why these past few weeks have been so incredibly busy. Not only do we own our property now but we have been working with a builder designing our little farmhouse AND we put our current home on the market. We have had so much change in our house and sass started all day preschool three days a week. It has been such an experience for both her and her daddy and I. She is a tiny little tsunami wherever she goes and I imagine the same happening at school too. In addition I started contributing some writing to an entertainment and lifestyle site…all while keeping our kids alive throughout the day and peddling ATMs. I have no idea what day it is and I can’t remember what I have scheduled most days. I am now THAT mom.

About a week ago we visited a friend’s house one Sunday afternoon. When we got home that evening my husband who was at a Browns game that day asked how our visit went. My response was “It was like trying to contain two hurricanes in a glass warehouse.” My friend doesn’t have kids just yet, so her house is absolutely gorgeous and total #decorgoals. She had just decorated for fall and had the most adorable ceramic pumpkins out. I spent the majority of our visit preventing the baby from shattering those and eating dog food. Sass was overall pretty well behaved, aside from touching her freshly painted walls and trying to sneak her red drink into the family room.

So why am I telling you about my visit to a friends house? I am glad you asked. Imagine visiting a store with white walls, white carpet and it is made of glass. Now my friend’s house is not like this at all, but when you take small children to a friend’s house that is how you feel. Now imagine your own home decked out in the same decor. (Again, my home is not, duh I have two kids) But that is pretty much how it feels when you are trying to sell your home. You need to make sure things are clean, paint is touched up and your house doesn’t smell like smelly pug or shitty diapers. All near impossible with two small children.

Last week we received a call from both our realtor and our realtor’s office about a request for showing the following day. Awesome! So excited! I text my hot, hunk of a hub telling him that we need to clean the house that night but I was stopping out to the county fair with his parents and would bring him home LERCHS DONUTS. (FYI they are amazeballs) Well we go to the fair with my inlaws. Sass had a blast, the babe had some amazing ice cream and unfortunately the entire time I was dreading coming home to clean the house while fielding work calls on my cell phone. Well we get home and lo and behold there are two cars parked in my garage. Now remember how I was fielding work calls most of the afternoon, yea I put my phone away for the 20 minute car ride home. I pulled my phone out and our realtor had called 4 times. The other realtor who requested a showing screwed up her days and WAS IN OUR HOUSE!!!!

wayne county fair

Bear with me here, remember my reference about keeping the house clean? Yea, that day I basically said screw it and figured we could tackle it together that night after soccer practice. So let me paint a picture for you of what my home looked like when we left for the fair. I had been working all morning, finishing up an article for my writing gig (which I freaking LOVE btw), I had stripped Sass’s bed to wash her sheets and left them in the hall, had a basket of clean clothes that needed folded on our bed, the upstairs bathroom was locked because the baby likes to go fishing in the toilet, Sass’s Barbie’s and tiny figurine character things (that she has 100s of) were strewn about her room, a big basket of toys were dumped in the playroom and I had dirty dishes in the sink. I was completely mortified. I wouldn’t have invited family over to my house let alone complete strangers. See, I am THAT mom. The mom with the messy house and now need this pillow.

So these strangers saw the disaster that my kids can create, the accumulation of dirty dishes that these two can create in 12 hours, and my clean underpants on top of the basket of clean clothes that needed folded. Somehow I kept it together while trying to portray my annoyance in a professional manner to this realtor who could not apologize enough times. Oddly enough she said our house shows beautifully and better than most of the houses she sees (even with the shit show that was inside). Anyways, all we can do is laugh about it now.

So please forgive me for being so disconnected from my little blog
lately. My life has been a shit storm of disasters nonstop, dealing with an incredibly clingy toddler and the never ending sassy attitude from Sass.

ella and lauren


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