Thank you, my love

Who knew parenting 2 kids and keeping up with a blog was so tough? Oye ves! I was looking back and just realized it is has been forever since I posted again.  I blame my sleep deprived state that I am in most days.  Thank God for my hot roommate who helps out when he isn’t slaying the aerospace industry with his in-geniuses.

So here is to my baby daddy.  Thank you for driving an hour one way to work every day so I can tell people my husband works for NASA.  Thank you for working so hard day in and day out so I can hang with our tiny savages and peddle ATMs on the side.  Thank you for picking up Chipotle when I am too lazy to cook dinner because I spent my day arguing with our 4 year old sassy dictator.  Thank you for filling my water bottle 100+ times a day while I am trapped under our mama lovin little man.

Thank you for looking the other way when I spend too much money at Target, again… Thank you for supporting my breastfeeding journey with both of our kids.  When I decided to stop at 8 weeks with sass and when I decided that our son will wean when he is ready.  Thank you for supporting me in EVERYTHING I do.  Whether that everything is trying to eat better, trying to eat Paleo, weightlifting, running, yoga, making homemade Kombucha tea, making homemade jam, planting our own veggie garden, building our mini farm….  Thank you.

Thank you for loving me when I was 8 weeks pregnant and sicker than a dog.  Thank you for loving me when I was 9 months pregnant and miserable.  Thank you for loving me 8 and a half years ago when we met.  Thank you for loving me now.  Every day.  Even though I am covered in stretch marks and my boobs feel like they sag down to my hips. Even though I struggle with anxiety day in and day out.  Thank you for loving me.  Every day. Even when my hair hasn’t been washed in 4 days, I am in shambles, and I have bags under my eyes and am crying because our kids drive me nuts but good God do I love them so much.  Thank you.  I love YOU so much for loving me. Jana-66


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