A Letter to My Daughter

I remember the moment I found out we were expecting you.  I was so overjoyed and wanted to shout it from the top of my lungs.  The months went by and soon I began to feel your little flutters, which then became big kicks.  I remember sitting in your nursery dreaming of what you would look like and who you would take after more, me or daddy. The moment they placed you in my arms, I fell in love all over again with daddy.  Daddy helped give me you and you gave me the name mommy.  The greatest job I have ever had.

You have grown so fast and some times I feel like life spirals around me so quickly.  You are 3 years old right now and the worst of your troubles is when your sock doesn’t sit right on your toes or when your play-doh snake breaks.  You look at the entire world with such inquisition and want to explore and learn so much.  You are as much of a little princess as you are a little grease monkey with daddy in the basement, passing him his different tools in your little hands with your ever so perfectly polished finger nails while sporting your frilly princess gowns.

You will never be this little again.  You change every day and it amazes me over and over again.  I worry I will forget the little things some days and it breaks my heart so much. Like the way your hair smells in the mornings when you curl up on my lap (in case you were wondering it smells like love) or the way you sometimes have a British accent when you pronounce things like “water” or “daddy” because you have watched your fair share of Peppa Pig.  I love when you get close to mommy’s belly and shout “hewwo baby brother, I wuv you.”  I love to hear you sing silly songs, forgetting some words and adding in others where they don’t belong, but it will always be my favorite version of the song.

I love that you still want me to hold you and pick you up.  I love that sometimes late at night or early in the morning you sneak into bed with mommy and daddy because “you miss me mommy?”  My favorite thing in the world is to cuddle you at night when you sleep, so quiet and peaceful.  There will come a day, when it will be the last time I hear your little feet come running down the hallway to climb in bed with us, but I hope it isn’t any time soon.  I love that when I kiss you and tell you I love you over and over again, you ever so calmly tell me “that’s enough” because at times I can be a bit overbearing.  I think I tell you 100 times a day how much I love you, because little girl, I do love you ever so much.  I love that I joke with daddy that you will never leave and go off to school and be a grownup, even though I know you will and that’s okay.  You will still be my little girl.

I love dreaming of all the amazing things you will do in your life and what your little hands will do some day.  Will you grow up to be a doctor, engineer, teacher, writer?  And no matter what you want to do, I just want you to be happy.  Daddy and I always say we never knew happiness until you.  You made mommy and daddy who we are today.  We can’t wait to see you grow and be the greatest big sister in the world soon to your baby brother.  We have never been so proud.  You will forever be our little girl and we thank you for making us into better people and for making us want to make the world a better place for you.

We love you so much more than to the moon and back again.




Photo Credit: Candystick Photography


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