A Beautiful World

ella dec 2015.2I was having a conversation this morning with a friend on how thankfully, the chaos of the terrible (cough I mean TERRIFIC) twos really does subside.  Sass is currently 3 and a half and I LOVE this age.  Granted we still fight with each other about silly stuff on the regular.  Last night my roomie was amazed that I wouldn’t just give up my seat for her to sit in.  I turned full on crazy, preggo and demanded sass share or sit in her own GD chair.  I am the boss, damnit.  You win some you lose some.  In early pregnancy when I was SO sick (I am sure you recall my ever melodramatic post about how I literally felt like the baby was sucking the life from me)…Anyways, I caved and let sass have more popsicles than I could count in one day.  It got me thinking that there really is no “cookie cutter” way to go through parenting (really no matter how many books you read, shit is crazy as a parent). Too bad we can’t look at the world and other people the way a 3 year old does, simply beautifully.  My lesson of the day is we should never look down on someone else because they don’t do things the way you would.  Unless that person is wearing crocs.  Don’t wear crocs unless you are under 7…or over 50. Thank you.

I read a post last week about how us mommies can be our own biggest judges.  I am so guilty of this.  I always wonder if we are raising our daughter the right way.  If I should limit her screen time more.  Force more veggies in her mouth.  I see people without children (or who have grown children) that judge us parentals all the time.  My favorite is “when I have kids my child will never act like that”.  Well I used to be that type of person and I will tell you now that that’s bullshit.  Granted I am the oldest of a whole litter of kids, so I have been around toddler temper tantrums and the smart ass tween stages, so I had some idea of what to expect, but you never really know until they are your own.  Some stages can be royally embarrassing and others utterly miserable.

Going out to eat with sass used to be torture.  It was more stressful for me than enjoyable. She is finally a civilized being and will sit with you at the table, but she used to be like a farm animal and climb on the table, fling food, and squeal.  It was torture for us.  We believe in discipline with her, but we don’t run a military training camp.  She is a little girl, she is still growing and learning.  She is sat down and talked to and now knows when she does something wrong and that we don’t act certain ways, but until kids are about 2 1/2 or 3 they really don’t have a damn clue what you are trying to explain to them.  So if you see me dragging my kid on her belly behind our shopping cart at the grocery store…in true Elsa fashion….let it go.  Turn the other way, chances are I wouldn’t let her slam a bag of M&Ms or throw a pepper through the produce section.  It is much easier to just carry on than fuel the tiny, blazing fire of a temper tantrum.

Like I said, I am totally enjoying the hilarious 3 year old stage we are going through.  Sass is so honest, literal, and 99% of the time incredibly blunt that I find myself having a hard time even explaining things to her.  She brought home a painting from school that appeared to be a bowl of blueberries.  I asked her about it and she replied with “No mommy, that is brown paper and blue paint”.  Totally disgusted with me and incredibly literal.

We have encountered a couple really awkward situations in public over the past few months as well.  Unfortunately more than once while shopping at our ever so favorite store, the red ball store (aka Target) sass saw a couple little women wearing bonnets in the dollar section. Immediately “baaaa-ed” at them and screamed “It’s BO PEEP MOMMY!!” Now how in the hell do you explain to a 3 year old that in certain religions and in certain lifestyles women wear bonnets?  You don’t.  You move on and bribe them with a toy just so they close their mouths.  “Hey look there’s an Elsa toy that you don’t have yet.”

Last week we were on our way home from the doctor’s office and the baby belly decided it really wanted a blizzard from DQ.  We stopped and got some ice cream and from the backseat sass is screaming “MOMMY WHO IS THAT LITTLE BOY WITH MY ICE CREAM CONE?”  No no, there was not a little boy serving us her ice cream in the drive thru.  It was a shorter woman with a very cropped, pixie type haircut.  I just ignored her and proceeded to distribute our ice cream.  We live in a world where you have to basically tiptoe around to try and not offend someone these days, I really didn’t want to cross that bridge with my 3 year old just let.  I will just let her live in her little world while she can, because the world through her eyes is so beautiful.


(The pic of sass is at DisneyWorld two weeks ago.  Sometimes you just have to let your 3 year old play in the splash pad and buy her new, dry clothes, because it made her SO HAPPY and that was totally worth it to me)


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