A Family of Four

I began writing this blog to share funny stories about sass, while we still have many funny stories, I also wanted other mothers and fathers to be able to relate to the crazy stories of living with a toddler/preschooler and the struggles and joys that come along with being a young family.  To my surprise, when I post on the blog I get quite a bit of traffic.  Nothing crazy and noteworthy that may make headline news, but quite a bit in my opinion for being rather inconsistent.  So like all other stories and posts, I was hoping to relate to others again with this one.  Most people wait to announce their pregnancy until they have reached “the safe zone” and have just crossed over into the 2nd trimester.  We opted not to wait.

The roomie and I are thrilled to announce we are expecting a new bouncing baby.  Sass is so incredibly excited that she is going to be a big sister and will argue with anyone who tries to explain that there is a chance the baby could be a brother. She is convinced it is a “baby sista”.  We have had all kinds of questions on expanding our family for years now.  Once you pop one baby out of your nether region, it opens up all kinds of personal questions about when you will have another.  As stated in previous posts, we had a hard time adjusting to becoming a family of three so once we got our rhythm we figured we would take our time.  It also took a little bit longer to get pregnant with this bean than it did with sass as well and I would be lying if I didn’t get a little down and discouraged through the journey.  A week before I took a pregnancy test I was putting sass to bed one evening and she looked up at me and said “Mommy, me a sista.”  I smiled and said “Do you think you’re a big sister?” where as she simply smiled and said “I go to the store and pick a baby sista”.  Little did I know, she was absolutely right.  She was going to be a big sister and we just didn’t know it yet.  Granted we didn’t pick the baby from the store, but somehow she knew.

I am scared, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t.  I like routine.  I like being in control.  Pregnancy and growing your family is none of those things.  I am afraid I won’t be able to divide my time between sass and the new baby bean.  I am afraid my roomie and I will fall into old habits of not communicating and we will dislike each other again.  I am afraid sass will feel resentful and hurt that someone else will be getting my attention, but I am also so incredibly excited to become a family of four.  Just yesterday sass lifted my shirt up when I was on the couch and got really close to my belly and whispered “hewwoo baby sista” and then blew raspberries on my tummy.  I teared up and all my worries went away.  I know the love I have for my siblings and the memories I have made with them and I cannot wait for her to experience those things as well.

We shared our pregnancy news a little bit earlier than most.  In my opinion, women shouldn’t have to “tough” through those early weeks alone.  It is scary as all hell the first few weeks.   You’re praying and hoping baby keeps growing and your pregnancy progresses.  Heaven forbid something were to happen, I know I could not go through it alone.  No woman should have to experience it alone.  Every twinge of pain, every silly, little symptom just throws you over the edge.  You become a googling addict.  It just snowballs into one big horrible scenario that makes you believe you are growing a pterodactyl in your belly if you drink a half a cup of coffee or take a Tylenol because you have a headache from hell.

Once you get past the first few weeks after a positive test the good stuff comes on.  I have been puking for like a month straight, it’s so bad I have lost weight and I had to be medicated (insert googling addict tendencies that have now lead me to believe the barf medication will give my baby 7 eyes on it’s forehead).  For those of you who went to college, or have had one too many drinks before, the best comparison I can give you is “the worst hangover you have ever had in your life, minus the headache” (again I am trying to relate).  Smells are nauseating.  Noises irritate you.  You are so nauseated that you can’t eat, and then you are nauseated because you literally can’t eat and you’re so hungry.  It is a brutal cycle.  We ladies need lots of support in the early weeks!

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing.  Women can do what no man can do.  (I am still a little skeptical about that movie where Arnold is carrying a baby…so maybe some men can).  We endure so much.  Our bodies change immediately.  They shift and move and change and you don’t feel like yourself.  This is all my experience.  I know some women who LOVE being pregnant.  I would rather experience childbirth than be pregnant, but I have my eye on the prize.  We cannot wait for the joys of a new baby.  I can’t wait to see sass with her new baby brother or sister.  I can’t wait to see my husband light up seeing both of his kids when he gets home from work, in the mean time, I am going to take one of my barf tranquilizers, stomach a piece of plain toast, attempt to drink some water, and curl up with the 3 year old little lady who has my heart right now…until she shares it with a new baby in a few short months.

big sister ella


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