Man Crush Everyday

Want to know what chaps my ass?  Couples who boast about themselves on how they do not need to “post about their significant other for them to know they love each other”.  Yet you can post about your dog? #nationaldogday #cutestdogsintheland or you can post about your children (who if are under the age of 14 probably don’t have social media and can’t see that shit) but you can’t give a shout out to your spouse?  How selfless of you. (please don’t tar and feather me now)

Social Media is all about bragging.  “Check this 5 course meal I made!! #Emeril #Chef #Noms” or “Here I am on the beach. #blessed #lovemylife #beachin”  I am victim of it far too often, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t want a shout out on occasion.  Who doesn’t want a little bit of appreciation?  In my roomie’s defense, he is a very quiet, very reserved man.  For the longest time I didn’t even know if he knew how to operate social media, but on occasion I get a nice Woman Crush Wednesday thrown my way.  Awww thanks babe for putting me above celebrity women and giving me 24 hours of glory.  You da best.

Where am I going with this?  Right.  My roomie, husband, bestie, love….rocks (insert rocker hand emoji here). The man has become so selfless in the past (almost) 7 years.  He works full time, almost an hour from home so I can work part time and stay home with our sass to raise her.  He goes to school part time, and is working on his 4th degree so he can continue to better himself.  More often than not, during the school year we barely see him. Take last week for example, he has been working on a big project at work (sending spaceships into space or something) so he is working overtime and he has class Monday-Thursday until 8-9pm every night.  It is hard.  We miss him.  Ella saw him approximately 1 hour last week until Friday evening.  I feel like a single mom during the school year, but he is doing this to better our lives.  He rarely complains.  He is the bees knees.

I will admit, the man can drive me crazy sometimes.  He can get under my skin.  He tells me I load the dishwasher wrong.  I don’t recycle up to his standards (yea I didn’t know there was a guideline for recycling either). I leave my socks on the couch 99% of the time and it drives him NUTS, but I love him unconditionally.  It has taken a long time for us to be in such a good place.  Everyone grows in a relationship and with growing together comes growing pains.

We have never had a jealous relationship.  His past relationships are his past.  I am his now.  We are 100% honest, we have no secrets.  Which is why I have to buy gifts for him the day I intend to give them because I get so excited and I always spill the beans.

We have learned to compromise over things.  If he wants to have a night out alone or vice versa, that’s okay, we have FOREVER together.  We have a joint checking and we have separate checking accounts for spending.  I have never had to ask him “where did you get that money to spend?”  Although, more than once I have had to say “Hey I need more money to go to Target again…help me I’m poor”  (Remember I work part time from home) I try to not nag him about leaving dishes in the sink (even though I swear he breeds tupperwares in his car).  He works so hard to give us the life we have; a dirty dish is really small in comparison to other worldly issues.  (Not couple or relationship shaming – it took us a while to get here and I am damn proud)

He is SO wonderful with sass.  When she was first born it was like he was dealing with an alien (for most of the first year of her life it was like that) but he seriously is amazing with her now #bestdadever.  While cleaning up the dishes the other night she demanded he play barbies with her.  I peeked in the play room and saw the two of them laying on their bellies and he was carrying on “barbie convos” in a high pitched voice and she was giggling right along. I thought “this is my bliss”.  I will gladly clean up dinner dishes just to listen to our daughter giggle and play with her daddy.

Now that I have tooted his horn for approximately 800 words… I will just say “I love you, Grantie.” More than I could ever express in a Man Crush Monday post.  More than I could ever express in a Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday post.  More than I could ever express in a simple, little blog post.  I love you to the moon and back just isn’t enough.

summer 2011


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