I Suck

Wanna know how much of a sucker I am? The synonyms for my name are sucker, sap, pushover, too sensitive, etc.  That’s how much.

So sass lost froggy bink at the grocery store approximately two weeks ago.  We asked the service desk and they didn’t have it, so I said “well froggy is gone”.  I was like ok, this is a less hostile strategy to easing our way out of the binky situation.  Well turns out she doesn’t “bink discriminate.”  She found a newborn “soothie” bink and also a random “nuk” binky in her toybox that she never used but she sure used it like it was her lifeline last week.  Well she lost both of those also last week. So we went 2 VERY VERY VERY VERY freakin long days without binkies.  Granted she really only used it first thing in the am, at night, and for “resting” aka her used to be naptimes that are now quiet time so I don’t lose my mind.  Well hell froze over last week.

We were at the grocery store checking out.  The little cashier told me to hold on for a second when we first pulled up to her “check out alley”.  (register, what the hell do you call those anyway?)  So we continued unloading while she called someone on the store phone.  Then all innocent like she looks at me and said “I remember the two of you”.  I immediately shat my pants. Oh great what did my child pocket? What did she destroy? I mean I try my hardest to keep her contained in the cart on our weekly trips but she is like a wild animal some days.  In the mean time this other chick walks over and sure as shit she has FREAKING FROGGY BINK in her hands from two weeks prior.  The little red head cashier remembered us because she knew we lost froggie previously and she found him like 10 minutes after we left hangin out on some cans of collard greens or something in the canned food aisle.  I mean we were making headway with this no bink business.  VERY MISERABLE HEADWAY, but still.  Sass looked at me and went “ohhhh mommy”.  I melted.  I wiped that sucker off with wipes and pocket bac and handed it over.  Like how do you crush your child’s dreams like that.  Turn in point, I couldn’t.  Binky days are back on.

Later that night I found two binks under the kitchen sink….binky hoarding at it’s finest.  The saga continues. And ya know what, she is perfectly fine having that little bink just a little bink longer.  So to you mom-shamers out there….Our baby, our rules suckaaaaaas!

Below: “Reunited and it feels so good”



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