Gobble, Gobble!

In light of Thanksgiving coming up I think it is only appropriate to take some time to be thankful.  Over the past 2 years as a mommy, my “thanks” have changed greatly.

1.) I am of course SO INCREDIBLY THANKFUL for my little turkey.  Love her with all of my heart and she truly is the best blessing and gift I have ever been given.  No really, she was a gift.  The roomie gave me a “good for 1 baby coupon” for our first wedding anniversary.  Thank God it wasn’t a BOGO that year.  Lord knows I couldn’t handle two of her.

2.) I am thankful for our moments as a family.  We celebrated my roomie’s day of birth this past weekend.  Per usual, we talked about sass the entire time we were away from her.  He and I discussed how thankful (grandparents) we are to have the chance to spend time alone, celebrate things, and have adult time still.  But we LOVE the days where we get to spend just the three of us. Then the polar vortex hit and we got 5 inches of snow and were all ready to kill each other yesterday after being cooped up in the house.  (Jk, kind of.)

3.) I am thankful for antibacterial everything.  Blah dee blah dee blah it ruins your immune system, lets just use the old fashioned warm water and soap! Pshhhhhhhhhh.  I don’t freaking care the method, just kill germs for God’s sake.  You think I have time to sing the alphabet and lather up my hands for 90 seconds after changing a poopy diap? Do you know what can happen in 90 seconds of unsupervised sass time? I’ll tell you.  She shreds the snowflake window clings her dad bought her yesterday and makes frickin snowflake window cling confetti and feeds it to the pugs.  So I am thankful for pocket bac and all things similar.

4.) I am thankful for my hunky hub.  Today is his birthday, actually.  He genuinely is my other complimentary half.  For as outspoken and sassy as I can be, he is the complete opposite.  Reserved, quiet, inquisitive.  Then I fly by the seat of my pants most days and make spur of the moment decisions.  Granted, the man can drive me up a wall with his stubborn personality (wonder where sass got that trait) but he is such a hardworking man.  (Really kissin ass here so I get a good Christmas gift….hey honey I like chipotle, exotic trips, and diamonds!) I will probably just get chipotle.

5.) I am thankful for beer.  That is all.


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