1,2,3,4,5…nope not Mambo #5


Good news, nobody barfed or sharted themselves from the raw chicken lick. In other news we have had a couple exciting toddler days.

Tuesday morning I took the pugaroos out for their morning poop and had just got sass dressed in some leggins and a cute little pug long sleeve shirt. I’m waiting in the middle of the yard for the fur kids to do their business when out sprints sass sonic the hedgehog style   (She really runs with her arms back and head forward like sonic- I’m not exaggerating) After a heated discussion about getting out of the cold, wet grass in her socks she proceeds to lay down on her back with her toddler sized Mickey and Minnie next to her. Eyes closed. Won’t move. Just laying there playing dead. I walked away and 10 seconds later she walked back into the house. Mom:1 Sass:0

Tuesday night my poor roomie is showering up after a long day at work. Next thing I know I hear sass shouting “POOOOOOOOOOOPPP. DADDDDDEEEEE POOOOOOOOOP” from his bathroom. (I can barely type this story without crying in laughter) The roomie responds with “daddy did not poop!!! That is daddy’s front bottom now shut the shower curtain!!! BAAAAAAAAAAAABEEEE GET THE SASS” sass:1 daddy:0

Wednesday morning- applesauce all over my family room curtains. Not sure how long that’s been there. Mom:1 Sass:1

Wednesday night I had to return a shirt to the mall and I had a coupon for a free under from Vickie’s. So I took the sass. I figured quick trip she can walk. The whole time we are in Victoria’s, sass is throwing out all kinds of “ickkkkkk unnnnies” at every article of clothing. Mmmmk thanks for keepin that secret that we go commando in our house, kid. Not to mention the amount of dust she had on her back because she laid on her back and I basically drug her through the mall. That night we put her to bed and I sent the roomie in to check on her about 15 mins later because I heard quite a bit of rustling around. Next thing I know I hear uncontrollable laughter over the monitor. Sass was laying on her floor in front of the door with her sunglasses on like she’s frickin Corey Hart or something. Mom:1 Dad:0 Sass:3

Today she helped herself to smelling my flowers as you can see. By smell I mean mutilate and now she’s trying to click one of her “clicky” barrettes on the dogs ear. Don’t see this going well. Happy Thursday from the sass.


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